Small to large businesses have a lot to consider at every stage of growth. From the day you open your doors to maintaining your company for years to come, involving a corporate attorney in San Diego is a smart decision to help you stay protected. Our San Diego corporate law office has experienced attorneys that are proactive and prepared for each step of the legal process you may be facing.

How Do Corporate Law Firms Work?

Our corporate attorney begins the process with a consultation to learn more about your needs. We help with everything from daily operations to more involved issues such as corporate disputes. The San Diego corporate formation attorney pays acute attention to detail when drafting legal documents for your business. When a legal matter arises, our highly skilled corporate lawyer investigates each aspect thoroughly to reach the best outcome for you.

How Can a Corporate Lawyer Help Me?

There are numerous ways that a San Diego incorporation attorney can help ensure your business begins properly, runs smoothly, and has all of the accurate legal documentation.

Business Formation
When beginning a business, gaining access to legal professionals is a wise decision because we help you register your entity, organize operations, create bylaws, and much more.

Corporate Governance
Complying with federal laws is essential, and our attorneys draft shareholder agreements and bylaws, as well as provide other legal services that are required, such as drafting shareholder meetings.

Mergers and Acquisitions
Many businesses these days are being bought and sold or merging with other companies. We draft the shareholder and buy-sell agreements with precision and attention to detail.

Business Dissolution
When closing a business, a San Diego corporate lawyer helps you finalize debts and interest.

What Do Corporate Law Firms Look For?

Corporate law firms are always looking for the best resolution for clients to ensure you are confident in all of your business dealings. Keeping liability to a minimum and helping you avoid litigation is just part of what we do. Whether you are a shareholder, board member, business owner, or have other responsibilities within the business, we can help with a range of disputes and charges. Contact us today to learn more about how a corporate lawyer can help you resolve your legal matter today.

Corporate Formation

In our world, it’s common to have to deal with various facets of businesses, commerce, corporations, transactions, and everything else involved with money and finances. Corporate formation is a very normal and common part of our economic world. If you’ve never been involved with corporate formation, it can seem daunting at first. With the help of a corporate formation attorney, the process can go very smoothly. If you are creating a corporation, read on to learn more about corporate formation and how a corporate attorney can help you.

What Is Incorporation?

Incorporation is the legal process of clearly defining a corporate entity that is separated from the owners of the entity. If you’re looking to incorporate a company, an incorporation attorney is the legal expert you want to seek out to make it official.

What Is Considered a Corporation?

A corporation is defined as a group or company of people that have been authorized to act as an individual entity. In legal terms, a corporation can be considered a person and is recognized as such within law. This entity is completely separate and distinct from the owners of the corporation.

What Are the Benefits of Corporate Formation?

There are many benefits of forming a corporation. As a corporation is legally considered a legal “individual” with many of the same benefits that a person has under the law. A few examples are as follows:

  • The corporation can raise money (capital) through the process of selling company stock.
  • The corporation can gain reduced tax restrictions on certain company loss.
  • It can have a lower tax rate than an individual’s personal income.
  • It has the ability to easily transfer ownership to another party.
  • The corporation owner’s assets are protected from any liabilities that the corporation may incur.
  • And many more!

At H&M Lawyers we can help you determine if corporate formation is right for you. If you have a company or group of people and want to form a legal corporation, there are many benefits to doing so. The biggest benefit is the clear segregation between ownership of the corporation and a corporation’s actions which can result in law suits. At H&M Lawyers, we can be the corporate lawyer and attorney that will guide you through the entire legal process of forming a corporation.

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