Summer is in full swing here at Hamilton & Associates, APC, and we would like to give you some tips on how to avoid pressure from Door to Door Salesmen and how to hire safe and trusting contractors for your summer home improvement projects. We want you to avoid being pressured into unwanted or unneeded repair contracts. Below are a list of tips and advice when dealing with salesmen and contractors.


How to Avoid Pressure Tactics


Don’t fall for Pressure Tactics. Door to Door salesmen want to trick you into acting impulsively before you have time to shop around or think further on the matter. Legitimate companies that want your business will generally allow you time to think about the offer, research your options and shop around. An immediate red flag should go up if a salesmen or contractor wants you to make an immediate decision or pay cash in advance for any services.


Do your Research. Carefully research the business the salesman represents before allowing work on any type of home improvement project. Ask for state, local license, permit information and information on whether the person is bonded. Look up their business on the web, look for reviews by past customers and shop around to see what their competitors are offering. The more you know about a business, the better.


Seek out References. If you would like to pursue a home improvement project, ask for references from friends and neighbors who have undertaken similar projects. The best recommendations often come from people you trust who have direct experience with a contractor. Always ask several companies to provide you with bids.


Document and Read Everything. Carefully read any contract before you sign it. Beware of fine print that requires you to pay more than a quoted price or that obligates you to pay for unwanted services that you did not discuss with the salesman. Ask the representative to leave the contract with you for review before you sign it. Call Hamilton & Associates, APC if you are unsure on any portion of the contract. We give free initial consultations.


Be Safe. Don’t let unknown salesmen inside your home or open the door to a salesmen if you do not want to speak with them. Don’t open your door completely, allowing them to see into your house. If you are interested in their business, don’t make any impulsive decisions, but simply take down their information, research the business/contractor and make an informed decision before signing a contract with their company.


Listen to your instincts. Listen to your instincts. If you have an uneasy feeling about a door-to-door operator, just say “no” and shut the door. Con artists can be persuasive: the longer you allow them to talk to you, the greater the opportunity they see to sweet talk you into making a decision you might regret. Don’t continue to engage with a salesman who you have already turned down.

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