Take a look at the Traction! If you haven’t purchased the book or looked into it I would recommend reading the first few chapters here: https://donaldmcinnis.com/

Hi Don,

Your interview with Street Roots ran in print and is now available online! You did an outstanding job. This is a fascinating and insightful interview!


It has been posted on the Street Roots Facebook (15k fans) and Twitter pages (10k followers):


It’s also great to see your op-ed live on History News Network! The feature includes a cover of the book and link back to your website: http://hnn.us/article/172588

The op-ed is gaining traction on social media and has already been shared 50 times. Accounts that shared your op-ed include:

History News Network (17k followers)


Steven A Drizin (18.2k followers; Co-Director, Center on Wrongful Convictions)


History News Network also featured the book on their Instagram account as a recommended read:


A new positive review was posted by grandparent blog Grandma Ideas that noted:

“Even though the events of this book are highly maddening, I recommend this book. I recommend it most of all so that adults can become aware of the children’s Miranda warning which is discussed at the end of the book. Please. Read this book so that you can become informed about those rights. Who knows but one day you may need to know them to help protect a child.”

Here’s a direct link to the review: https://grandmaideas.com/shes-so-cold-book-review

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